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NAND flash uptrend continues, MCU de-inventorying bottoming out in the near future

Published : 2024-04-05 12:40 | Views : 79

1. Agency: NAND flash memory contract price will continue to rise

According to FastTech, although the purchase volume of NAND flash memory in the second quarter was slightly lower than that of the first quarter, flash memory contract prices are expected to continue to rise due to the continued impact of upstream production cuts and declining supplier inventory levels. Research firm TrendForce released a new report that consumer SSD prices are expected to rise again, with the increase expected to be between 10-15%.

The report expects the second quarter eMMC contract price will quarterly growth of 10% -15%, consumer SSD overall product contract price is expected to rise 10-15%. NAND flash wafers are due to weak demand in the retail market, the rate of increase is expected to be significantly narrowed compared to the previous quarter, only 5-10%.

2. Industry: MCU de-stocking will be in the second quarter bottoming out

According to TechCrunch Daily quoted by China Taiwan Electronic Times, along with the agent and client inventory gradually regulate the end of the microcontroller (MCU) industry is expected in the second quarter of 2024 inventory can be returned to a healthy level, while the market price in reflecting the cost structure continues to be adjusted back.

3.UMC will OEM antenna module chips for the new iPhone

According to a report cited by FastTech, UMC's years of research and development of 3D IC technology has finally made a big splash and successfully won the foundry order for the key chip of Apple's new iPhone antenna module. It is reported that the volume of the chip up to tens of thousands of pieces, which marks the UMC following the United Wing OEM driver IC supply Apple, once again in the field of Apple's key chip foundry to achieve a major breakthrough.

UMC's ability to win this order stems from its close cooperation with Qorvo, Apple's power amplifier (PA) co-fabricator. Qorvo's new iPhone antenna components for Apple's well-designed, not only integrates advanced new chips, but also skillfully matched with Qorvo's power amplifiers to provide Apple with excellent performance.

4.Qunlian and JinkoSolar jointly attack the field of automotive ECUs

According to China Taiwan Business Times, NAND flash memory master controller original factory Qunlian revealed that it has been exchanging future electric vehicle architecture with international manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, and will integrate more SoCs in the center control system in the future. Currently, it has been working with JinkoSolar to build enterprise-level server solutions, and in the future, it will join hands to attack the automotive field.

Both companies are actively obtaining more automotive certifications to ensure functional safety, including ISO26262 and ASPICE CL3. Qunlian pointed out that the rapid growth of automotive, the average annual compound growth rate of 3%, Qunlian in the automotive NAND control IC market share has reached 40%, progress to the next stage, the company will promote the memory module complete solution, last year has also been more than 20 international car factory Design-in.

5.NXP launched open S32 CoreRide automotive software platform

March 28, NXP (NXP) announced the launch of S32 CoreRide platform, designed to break through the integration barriers in the development of a new generation of software-defined vehicles (SDV). This platform can significantly simplify the complexity of automotive architecture development, helping automakers and tier-one suppliers to reduce costs.

NXP also introduced the first S32 CoreRide centralized computing solution based on the new S32N family of ultra-highly integrated processors for vehicles. The solution provides secure, scalable, real-time application processing with integrated vehicle networking capabilities. NXP has partnered with automakers and Tier 1 suppliers and publicly launched the S32 CoreRide platform. Production vehicles utilizing the S32 CoreRide platform functionality are under development, with the first batch expected to be available in 2027.

6.STMicroelectronics launched ST4E1240 series RS-485 transceiver

On March 28, STMicroelectronics (ST) introduced the ST4E1240 RS-485 transceiver, featuring 40Mbit/s speed, PROFIBUS-compatible outputs, and transient and hot-swap protection to provide robust and reliable RS-485 signals for modern, high-performance industrial applications.

The ST4E1240 RS-485 transceiver is part of ST's 10-year lifetime program, ensuring long-term product support. Currently in volume production, it is available in an SO-8 4.9 mm x 3.91 mm package and is priced at $0.81 for 1000-piece orders, with free samples available from the ST eStore.

7.Microchip Expands Serial SRAM Product Line

March 28, local time, Microchip expanded its serial SRAM product line to include greater densities up to 4 Mb and increased SPI/SQI speeds up to 143 MHz.The 2Mb and 4Mb devices have been designed to provide a low-cost alternative to traditional parallel SRAMs and include optional battery-backed switching circuits in the SRAMs to preserve in the event of a loss of power data. Pricing starts at $1.60 per 10,000 units for the 2Mb and 4Mb serial SRAM devices.

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