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Qualcomm will still maintain multi-industry foundry

Published : 2022-11-19 19:03 | Views : 389

Recently, Qualcomm announced its latest flagship platform, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which is built using TSMC's 4nm process and offers a 4.35x improvement in overall AI performance and a 25% increase in computing speed compared to the previous generation of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 products built by Samsung. With a newly designed GPU and CPU, the overall performance has increased by 40%.

At the same time, the Korean media reported that Qualcomm confirmed that it will continue to use the strategy of multiple foundries, including TSMC, Samsung, Ge-chip and other foundry partners, in order to maintain supply stability.

Due to the high volume of orders Qualcomm will continue to maintain TSMC/Samsung/Graphics multi-foundry strategy

Korean media The ELEC reported that Qualcomm senior vice president Don McGuire pointed out that, taking into account the maturity of the process of each foundry, Qualcomm will continue to cooperate with foundries such as Samsung and Ge-core, in addition to TSMC foundry.

As for Don McGuire's statement, the Korean media's interpretation is that even though Qualcomm has already handed over orders for 4nm and 3nm processes to TSMC for foundry production, it may still release subsequent orders for advanced processes to Samsung in order to adopt Samsung's GAA technology advanced processes that are currently in mass production.

McGuire said, because Qualcomm's orders are too large to use a single foundry, but the need to use multiple foundries to maintain the supply advantage, will also be competitive in price and scale; in addition, in addition to cell phone chip orders, Qualcomm has other areas of application of the chip need to cooperate with the foundry to produce.

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